Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fore Cabin Inspection

Mark is not only an engineer by profession, he is an engineer deep down in his soul. Sometimes this can cause friction as I am more of the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants MacGyver type. Mark is more of the Type A, precision- is- mandatory-and-necessary type. I have to say that Mark's meiticulous nature is a huge boon when you are planning on living on a vessel at the mercy of the sea.

Yesterday, he began doing a complete inventory and inspection of the fore cabin. 3 hours later, we have a very thorough mapping of all the wiring, plumbing, storage and construction. 3 hours for the fore cabin alone. No, I did not accompany him as he works best alone. Knowing this is true is one reason we have such a happy marriage.

Here is what Mark discovered and his refit plans for the fore cabin:
The wiring in the front cabin could be a bit tidier.It's not awful or in bad shape, but tidying them up will give us more storage space and on a boat, every inch counts!
The ac compressor low temperature tubing in the fore cabin needs to be insulated to prevent condensation drip from mildewing the bunk.
The electric windlass needs to have a dedicated battery closer to the windlass as the power is too far away, resulting in power loss.
The fore water intake line is useless and not plumbed to the water tank- we can plumb it or just not use it. At this point, we are a bit undecided.
Mark is forcing me to say that "the fore head discharge and ac intake lines are an abortion" which may be true but I am writing this blog, not him, SO...moving forward
The fore head is still a waste of space to us and will be used for extra storage. (still don't know why people think 2 heads on a boat is necessary).
Seacock has not been maintained and needs replacing
The reading lights will be upgraded to energy efficient LED lighting.

This is just the beginning. Next week, Mark will move on to the saloon, followed by the galley and nav desk, followed by the aft head and cabin. Then it's on to the engine room! Then the cockpit and rigging followed at last by our anchoring system. I have absolute confidence that in time, we will have the most perfect Nassau ever. I am rather proud of Mark's efforts, sometimes his need for precision drives me nuts but the end result is always worth it.
Me, I just want to look at interior upholestry choices, lighting options and the new countertop materials for the galley. Every once in a blue moon, I'm a total girly girl. At least I know not to pack my Jimmy Choos !

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