Saturday, October 30, 2010

Eureka! aww poop.

Eureka!, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

After contemplating the girls berth and the much needed baby containment device for more time than one would imagine, I finally came up with a workable design. The good news? It is workable, doable and easily removable once the need for a baby berth has passed. The bad news? The design all hinges on a part that is apparently non existant.

See that handy bit of pvc there? That is essentially the shape I need, except I need all 3 openings to be 1.5 inches. As you can see, this one has 2 openings the correct size but the third is much too small. I have searched for this to no avail. It does not exist at Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, Sears Hardware, Tractor Supply or Ewings Plumbing. Surely I can not be the only person who needs something like this?

This feels very much like shoe shopping. For years I would have the perfect shoe in mind before I set out only to not be able to find what I want. I always find "something close" but not close enough. This is probably why I will be selling a metric butt load of barely worn shoes before we move aboard. Sorry for the digression there...

Anyway, a big thanks to the Bumfuzzles for hipping me to where to find fabric for the enclosure and mounting brackets. I'd like to send a big thank you out to someone for finding me the above pictured piece, except with all 3 opening being either 1.5 inches or 2 inches. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  1. Can you share your fabric and bracket source? I'm working on a similar type of enclosure for Cora's bunk.

  2. JoAnn's of all places! Yeah, imagine finding fabric at a fabric store. My brain often likes to miss the obvious. The Bums used "cargo mesh" from JoAnn's for the mesh and they used outdoor fabric from the same shop for the sides. The mesh won't last forever according to them but you don't need a "crib" forever.

    It makes me happy that there are so many of us making baby berths on boats. I'm sad that everyone is on the wrong side of the Panama Canal just now though!

  3. Good to know! I was wondering if they had a source I didn't know about. I will probably be getting my fabric from Sailrite or from because I want it to match the fabric I purchased for the cushions in the salon.

    I'm considering using phifertex (available at Sailrite) for the mesh in her bunk. I think it will be easier to sew then regular mesh.

    I just looked at Bumfuzzle's site and I like how they bound the fabric together by line instead of just sewing it together. Makes the berth seem more nautical and more open.

    I need to get started on mine. Will be watching your blog with interest to see how you do yours.

    Oh, where did they get their attachments?

  4. PS - I wish you lived near us too. Would be lovely to meet up for cupcakes and playdates.

  5. I'm not certain about the grommets. I love the stuff at Sailrite but their prices give me heart palpatations.

  6. Have you checked McMaster-Carr? I think we used that for more boat bits & parts than any other source.

  7. Thanks Behan, I'll give them a try.

  8. Here is a place to check for the corner fitting:
    Give them a try just for fun. Couldn't hurt anyway. Not pvc, but might just have what you need. If not, go to your local fence company and ask how much it would cost to have them made up out of tubing (Or make them if you are a welder)

    Behan shows McMaster-Carr they are a great source (Thanks for showing us them also Behan!)

  9. Here is one more:

    They have similar fittings (metal)for 1-3/8 three ways. About $10 ea it looks like.

    Check with Awning and Canopy companies.

  10. Thanks so much! I will check them out. :)