Thursday, October 7, 2010

Here, there and everywhere

Mark said something that absolutely sent shudders down my spine. While discussing the work load, I offered to take up the portion of refitting that I know I can do without screwing it up too badly- getting the salon cushions redone. Mark said that aesthetics were low on the list of priorities because he would be working on the boat "for years" and that aesthetics could wait. I wasn't upset by keeping aesthetics at the back of the list, but more so that Mark seems convinced that Ceol Mor will require years of refitting. That is not an acceptable answer.

I know these things take time, but just now I feel trapped between a rock, a hard place and yet another rock. I'm currently living in 2 different locations, about to add a third. Suburbs, bay and boat. Its a bit crazy to be living with one hand on the kids, the other clutching a suitcase. We can't live on the boat just yet as she's in too much disarray while Mark completes the structural work on the chain plates. I think this might be a blessing as I can't imagine adding yet a third home into the mix until things are sorted a bit more.

I'll keep reminding Mark that we are farther along than he thinks. The bottom is blister free and painted, the engine is in good working order so once we get the chain plates finished , the lights redone and the boat rerigged we will technically have everything we NEED, just maybe not everything we want.

I continue to downsize, get rid of stuff and make arrangements to vacate the suburbs at the end of the school year. I am hopeful Ceol Mor will be ready for us to move aboard shortly there after.

Look at Ceol Mor in her slip. Doesn't she look as if she is itching to head out?


  1. Yes she does look like she's itching to get out. But I bet you do too! As I've discovered recently, everything takes longer on a boat!

  2. The list never ends... but you need to get her seaworthy before you take to the sea. You can live aboard in a slip and work on her. Tricky... So prioritizing the list for mission critical items is a must.

    You're getting there. I'm loving reading this blog.