Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hey, that's not a picture of a boat.

You noticed. I thought I might distract you from the lack of refit photos by a cute baby photo. Ah well. Fiona is here modeling a shirt with my favorite motto 'Keep Calm and Carry On'. That IS boat related. That is my little mantra whether it be for encountering sailing situations that make me nervous or Murphy moving into our fore cabin and delaying progress on the refit.

Mark's work load has once again prevented progress. I could try to sort out the bulkheads on my own but I feel that my typical MacGyver chewing gum + duct tape + velcro approach is best not tried on something as important as structural repairs. Best to leave something so important in the capable hands of Mark, even if those hands are otherwise preoccupied.

I'm planning on sorting out the sleeping arrangements this week and hope to begin construction of the baby berth by next week. I've still got a few issues to think on and sort out but we will get there. I'm looking forward to my first real sewing attempt. This should at least be entertaining as the last time I tried sewing was when I was 9 and tried to make some clothes for my Barbies. If you want to know how well that turned out, you should know that my Barbies wore clothes fashioned out of fabric, scotch tape and staples for the rest of their lives.

Here's a photo of Maura taken at the Faire.  We like to point out 'key skills learned' with tongue firmly in cheek to her whenever one of us tries something new or something mundane to make it more interesting. Cleaning your closet? Key skill- organization. Not taking 30 minute showers or running the water non stop while brushing teeth? Key skill- water conservation. Having your mom reassure you while you scream in terror while you ae strapped into a harness, hoisted 30 feet in the air and told to bounce on a trampoline? Key skill learned- conquering that fear of heights which is handy when your parents need to send you up the mast. Don't worry, after the inital Bungee Bounce attempt and its screams, Maura declared it "awesome".


  1. Can your children BE any more beautiful? Love that onesie and that motto.

  2. Thanks Charlotte! I fear there shall be many more kid pics before we get a boat update!

  3. Ugh I hear you on the sewing front! Give me something to knit any day. I have seriously made the ugliest nighties and pants I've ever seen when I attempted sewing last winter. Recently I gave back the sewing machine I was given. It was my act of defeat. Good thing my mom can sew. I'll trade her knitted socks for quilts!

    And seriously, Fiona is adorable. Anything I should eat to make sure my kid turns out that cute?

  4. Amanda- curry. Lots and lots of curry. ;)