Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saturday in the park

Maura, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

While Mark slaved away on the chainplates on the boat, I took the girls to the park. Mark is in a rather messy part of the job- there's lots of sawdust flying and sharp tools scattered here and there so its best to keep little fingers out of the way.

The weather was perfection- cool and sunny. We stopped by a toy store and picked up a kite for $1. You would be amazed at how happy the kids were with this kite. Maura enjoyed putting it together and attempting flight. Kitty liked watching her sister run back and forth and laughed hysterically every time the kite made a crash landing. Who says you have to spend big bucks to have fun? Not us.

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  1. Your photos in the park are beautiful! I especially love the snail picture. A kite can do a whole afternoon of fun for me still! So glad you enjoyed the autumn light!