Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ain't necessary to have a point, to have yourself a point

We love getting reader email, even if we don't necessarily agree with the writer. (ceol_ mor at yahoo dot com) Someone has taken the time to not only read our little blog but the time to send an email as well. For that, thanks!

We received the following email from a reader: "I understand that you are involved with rebulding your boat but until you are actually out cruising, your blog is pointless. I'm not trying to be harsh, but if you try to start a blog about cruising before you are actually doing it, you will lose readers. I look forward to reading about your cruising once you are out cruising. TY!

I'm not certain if the writer meant TY as short hand for thank you or if his name is Ty. I prefer to think of him as being named Ty, possessing an enthusiastic nature and if his last name is Fighter, his parents get nerdy cool points from me. Anyway...

Dear TY!
Thanks for taking the time to write. While I understand that reading about a family getting a boat ready to cruise while trying to live life is not exciting, it is reality. There are people who manage to buy a boat, throw their gear onboard and take off. There are also people like us, who buy a boat to go cruising, get surprise problems which must be resolved, add a new crew member unexpectedly and have work commitments that extend a year and a half beyond what was planned. That's not only cruising, that's life!

We could look at things from a negative perspective. The forecasted refit has extended beyond what we had planned for in terms of time and money. Systems we thought were okay have to be rectified and that takes time and a not insignificant amount of money. The space issues we are dealing with the addition of Kitty to the crew are taking some thought and time to work out. Mark's job commitments were supposed to have been wrapped up last year and yet, it looks as if things won't wind down on that front until December or January.

We prefer to look at things optimistically. The fact that every system needs attention means that Mark and I will have a very thorough understanding of Ceol Mor and will be better equipped to deal with the inevitable break downs. As Mark says " Once you take a part an engine and put it back together, it is no longer so intimidating." The space issues caused by the addition of Kitty is not a big deal. Maura now has a little buddy and we have an additional source of amusement and fun. Mark's work continuing longer than expected means that we have funds coming in to pay for the extra boat refit expenses. It all hinges on how you chose to look at life.

In closing TY! , I'll leave you with some profound words from one of my favorite philosophers- The Rockman. Firstly, "You see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear". Oh, and as to the blog being "pointless"? "There ain't nothing pointless about this gig. Ain't necessary to posess a point, to have yourself a point. Dig"


  1. This Ty fellow has got to be one of the grumpy gusses from CF! Your blog, along with all of the other preparing-to-cruise blogs out there (ahem) are not pointless. They're informative and inspiring. So keep writing Ceol Mar! We love reading on what you are doing.

    Happily signed, Charlotte from the not-yet-cruising blog: www.rebelheart.squarespace.com!

  2. Charlotte, you forgot his exclaimation point. TY!

  3. We've had a sailboat for less than a month and have close to zero sailing experience but that doesn't stop me from posting boat-related information on my blog. It's about my life, in the same way your blog is about yours. TY! makes it sound like there are only a set number of readers out there in the entire big world and losing a few up front might be fatal. I happen to think it will be fun to read about your entire experience not just the part when you actually push off.

  4. Thanks Leslie. I'm looking forward to hearing about your new boat as you get to know her!

  5. I love reading the getting-ready-to-cruise blogs! First of all, that is where we are. It's nice to know we are not alone. Secondly, I like to catch a blog toward the beginning, then follow on through the ongoing experiences, changes, growth, insights, etc. It is hard to start at the beginning of a blog like Bumfuzzled (though I really like it) and get caught up to the present, because they have been blogging for a long time! With the getting ready blogs, we are all starting out together, and we are an encouragement to each other.

  6. I'd like to say that I have no cruising experience and am at the 'dreaming about buying the big boat' stage. My husband and I are determined to cruise though. I LOVE reading the refitting blogs because it gives me an idea of what work there is to be done. Keep writing!

    If it's 'pointless' reading to mean ol' TY then he can feel free to move along to another blog...

    LOVE this blog and also Rebelheart's btw! :)

  7. You are in the most fun part of the experience- boat shopping! Enjoy the process and let us know what you buy!

  8. This blog is prefect...
    gorgeous photos
    well written
    about boats
    about an interesting couple

    no complaints whatsoever... full steam ahead.