Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day after Thanksgiving- no one was sailing in this slop

I thought I might be able to slack off for a few hours and take some photos of boats out for a sail the day after Thanksgiving. We had such miserable weather- cold, rainy and just blech that no one was out. This shot was taken on Clear Lake. Galveston Bay was even choppier and yuckier. (Is yuckier even a word? Oh well, it is now)

My couple of hours of photography fun turned into a cold, miserable few minutes grabbing a quick shot while trying to keep the gear dry. I decided I would rather work in the heated confines of the house under the watchful eye of Captain Bligh than to stay out in this mess.

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  1. BTW what type of camera do you use... it takes excellent pics... or do you have something to do with that?