Thursday, December 16, 2010

Maura warms up

Maura warms up, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

Maura and I washed down the decks while Mark worked on the next bulkhead and Kitty slept. It was colder than we had hoped and we've not managed to wash the boat without getting ourselves wet as well. This means that Maura was cold, wet and maybe not the in the best of moods.

Being the kindly sort of Mom that I am, I told her to go below to warm up once we were done. I don't think Maura was impressed that every cushion has been removed from the boat while we work on the refit. Maura was a little less cold, a little less wet but sadly bereft of any cushiony softness upon which to repose.

Poor thing. Not only did she have to wash the boat, but she had to admit that her Mom was right when she told her to bring a warm jacket, wear socks and her boat shoes. Too bad that she didn't listen and had to learn through experience that cold feet, wet jeans and no heat are a less than fun experience so it pays to think ahead.

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  1. Better to learn it now then out on the water some day!