Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Boxing Day Renaming Ceremony

Mark Boxing Day Renaming, originally uploaded by CidnieC.
On Boxing Day, we hosted some good friends for non-burned Christmas cookies, merriment and the Official Boat Renaming Ceremony. We had six adults and six children. To quote Maura, the kids in attendance were " Maura, Kitty, Nora, Kitty, Chili and Shay". Say that 3 times fast. I think the hive mind was at work as we chose names for our kids.

Ok. So we were about a year and a half behind schedule in performing the necessary supplications to Neptune and the Four Winds to dot the i and cross the t on the renaming of the boat. We begged the forgiveness of Neptune for our lack of promptness with an extra measure of champagne for the ruler of the waves. Hopefully, the extra libations will encourage his benevolence towards our little boat.

Maura read the supplication to Neptune and offered libations to His Majesty and his court. Shay dropped the ingot inscribed with the previous name of our vessel into the briny deep. (Ok, it was a dogtag from Petsmart but we have vivid imaginations). Big Kitty offered libations to each of the rulers of the winds and implored them all to take it easy on us. Chili looked like a cool rockstar, mostly because at 13 all of the other kids aspire to one day be half as cool as she is. Little Kitty babbled through out the readings. Sadly, Nora didn't make it to the ceremony as her busy social calendar was full and she was only able to do a brief stop over. Such is the jet set life of the three year old set.

We all had fun and we earnestly hope that we observed protocol closely enough that we will have no more nasty little surprises on the boat. Would we still have had punky bulkheads and a good bit of necessary deck recoring had we paid a bit more close attention to the calendar? Hard to say but we sincerely hope that things from here on out go a bit more smoothly.


  1. Non-burned Christmas cookies are my FAVORITE type of Christmas cookies!!!!!

    Were there really two Kittys? Neat picture and I hope all that stuff did the trick!!!!!!!

  2. Yup, 2 Kittys, a Maura, a Nora, a Shay and a Chili. Yes, her name really is Chili. Her dad is a chef. He did not send cookies.

  3. Ok so what does it mean that I questioned there being two "kittys" but didn't bat an eyelash at "Chili"? :-)

  4. Oh boy, we still haven't done a renaming ceremony (six years later). AND the old name is still on the boat. Hmm, can you share where you got your ceremony info?

  5. Here ya go Charlotte:

    Also, its supposed to be good luck to have a virgin pee in the bilge. We skipped this, but you might see if Cora is willing to lend a hand.

  6. We can't even agree on a new name for our boat.