Monday, January 10, 2011

Portlight removal

Portlight removal, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

Mark's priority just now is to keep the water out of the boat. While work continues on the bulkheads, since we are currently knee deep in epoxy anyway it makes sense to pull the portlights, search out any and all deck that needs recoring and rebed those puppies properly We are making progress- slowly but surely.

We found a bit of rot on the forward port side deck just above the portlight. The area has been recored and is being glassed in before we rebed the portlights. I suppose we could skip it, but what's the point of having your boat torn apart if you aren't going to really address the issues and fix them properly?

Little Ceol Mor, I hope you appreciate all the blood, sweat, tears and love we are pouring into you and will thank us by keeping us safe and dry. Please?


  1. You'll feel so good when those portlights are done!

  2. I'll be happy when the boat looks a bit less like a construction site!