Monday, September 20, 2010

Plywood Follies

We've run into some debate over what is the best type of marine grade plywood with which to rebuild the chain plate bulkheads. Mark of course, went into "Mark mode" and decided to begin extensive testing of the different types of plywood available. He felt we needed to test for compression and rot amongst other things. This meant we had to have a sampling of different plys on hand in order to get going. This shouldn't be a problem as the local chandlery had some 4x8 sheets in stock.

Ah HA! Here we run into a bit of difficulty due to Mark and his Markness. Mark is the reason that the Scots have a reputation as being frugal. Mark would rather have bamboo shoots shoved underneath his fingernails than to waste money. Imagine his distress to find that having the oversized sheets of ply delivered would cost more than the wood itself. Having a small car means that they could not be transported by car. Hmm...

Mark has an uncanny ability to figure out the lowest cost solution to every difficulty. If everyone has a superhero power, this would be one of his (the other is that he can fix anything and make it better than it was in the first place. seriously). I was out of town with the kids, so I did not get to see the looks on peoples faces as he loaded the plywood at the shop then brought it home without having to pay anyone or to scratch up his car by placing it on the roof. I did however, convice him to grab a photo of it for my amusement. Hopefully, it amuses you as well.
Behold- the low cost plywood transportation solution!
30306-Marine Ply

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