Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Holy Guacamole!!! This is insane!!

I was told by a reader that my previous title "updates coming soon" well, to save bandwidth we'll just say he said it sucked. So now I have retitled this post with a NEW! EXTREME!! title. Its still a post about upcoming changes though. Anyway...

I know I've been a bit slack in regaling you with tales of deck recoring, deck hardware bedding and how really insanely adorable Kitty is just now. Its all for a good cause though! I'm rearranging a few things, sorting out some new software that will hopefully improve the enjoyment factor for you dear readers. (and by dear readers I do mean all 18 and 1/2 of you ;) ). I know I have a short attention span and I'm thinking maybe a few of you do as well so in an effort to allow you to waste time in a less boring manner, I'm going to be changing a few things.

Hang in there. It might not actually be worth the wait, but it will be a change and they say a change is as good as a rest. Think of Our Life with Ceol Mor as a rest from doing what you really should be doing...

In other exciting news, I managed to get the Sewing Machine of Doom fired up and made 8 actual chafe guards! They work and everything! Buoyed by my great success at sewing 2 seams on each chafe guard approximately 9 inches long, I then tried my hand at making fender covers. No, its not a silly Martha inspired fender cozy with no real purpose. Our hull is painted and we need to protect the finish from abrasion.

In another example of the Universe keeping me humble, it went all pear shaped rather quickly. I am growing though. I did not smash the damned Sewing Machine of Doom with a temptingly close at hand hammer, I merely packed it away and decided to deal with it when I had more time and a lot more cocktails.


  1. Waiting with baited breath, fan #17 and the little half fan too.

    p.s. I hope you can share with another sewing rookie how you made the fender covers. It's on my hit list too since Doug plans to acid wash and wax the hulls in April.