Saturday, April 23, 2011

Its beginning to feel like progress...

Mark and I are very anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new Dyneema running rigging from New England Ropes. Not only are we getting a sweet hook up for the boat but it means that we are finally getting somewhere on the refit and it won't be long at all until we are out sailing again. It feels like we've been relegated to the docks for far too long.

Who could have ever guessed that somethng as simple as putting together a color scheme for the rigging would cause such consternation? Ok, anybody who knows us would guess that.

What made sense to me was fine until Capt. Perfecto's left brain kicked in when he realized I was reusing the solid red Endura line for the jib halyard AND the preventer. I told him it would be fine and that solid red made sense to me on the preventer- red. stop. prevent. Makes perfect sense. Well you can't use a solid line which was for a vertical application everywhere else on the boat for a preventer, which is a horizontal line. Yes, you can. No, you can't. Back and forth for a couple of hours and in the end not only will our jib halyard be red but so will the preventer and really, it will be just fine.

We are excited to try the new line out as Dyneema's superior strength means we can use a smaller size line to get the same tensile strength. Capt. Perfecto made a lovely spread sheet with all the loads, tensile strengths of various diameters, etc. I'm just happy because the bottom line is that smaller diameter means less friction on all the blocks and sheaves which makes trimming less taxing. You can see by the baggy main sail in the photo that I am a lazy trimmer so anything that makes my job easier is aces in my book and going with Dyneema rigging even at full retail is still a lot more cost effective than electric winches.

Hopefully very soon Mark will have that last punky bulkhead glassed and painted, we'll have the main sail cleaned and repaired and with our shiny new rigging installed we'll be doing what we love- spending time together on the water and learning all we can in preparation for our journey. Doing a complete refit with opposing brain types is a challenge. When we are sailing we just fall into a harmonious team rhythm with ease. After almost 2 years of refit follies, I'm looking forward to a little salt water inspired family harmony.

To be sure, there's still tons to do to get Ceol Mor ready to go but being able to sail again, even little day sails will put the wind back in our sails( awful pun intended) as we push onward to the next phase of our journey.


  1. Whoooo! Very sweet feeling indeed. Maybe you can get a tie dye line for the preventor?

  2. Even though I don't understand the painting problem (beyond the fact that The-Guy measures when he hangs things and I wing it and move things around until they look right, which might possibly be similar to the conflict you're having here?) I love the picture!!!!!!!!! Neat texture on it!

  3. Color coding lines is super.. especially when you have oodles of noodles to deal with.

    Thin is always not the best... you want a line which you can grip... too small you can't grip.

    I find 3/8" min - 5/8" max with 7/16" working for most uses... on my 36' sloop (Contest 36)