Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Swag

Charts, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

For Mother's Day, Mark and the kids gifted me with a chart of the Gulf and Carribean and Galveston Bay along with a charting set and hand held compass.

We spent the evening eating a dinner of steak and lobster in the garden along with a few Fat Tire ambers. Much entertainment was had getting a bearing on the baby- 20 degrees and moving North. I'm looking forward to putting these to use next weekend as we head out for Red Fish Lsland.

Red Fish island isn't an island at all- its a spoil area but as it is marked on the charts and is a popular place to drop the anchor in safety while you watch the tankers pass by we thought it would be an excellent opportunity for Maura and I to do a bit of easy navigation practice.

The big news is that the chainplate bulkheads are rock solid now so day sails are possible. We are still awaiting our new Dyneema running rigging and will be replacing our standing rigging soon but first, a much desired day sail or two before Mark begins the Herculean task of rewiring of the boat. All work and no play and all...


  1. excellent mom's day gift!! well done team ceol mor!

  2. One day when I retire to a houseboat, I'll understand more than 43% of your blog. But it still sounds like fun even though I don't know what a spoil area is. And happy late Mother's Day!!!!!