Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whatcha Been Doin'? Refit Progress Report

So where are we in the progress of the refit? What has been done, what is almost done? That would be a lot. A lot has been done in the past 2 years. While we did have the yard do our blister repair and bottom job, pretty much everything else has been done by Mark. Not just done, but done beautifully. The man might not be quick but his level of craftsmanship is truly impressive.

So here is the list so far. Keep in mind that we've done all this (and by we I mean largely Mark. I handle aesthetics, research and keeping the kids busy. Plus I am not allowed near power tools. Don't ask) while working, planning, having a baby and trying to have a little bit of fun here and there.
  • Boat renamed and registered with Coast Guard
  • Blistered bottom repaired- mystery coating removed, hull dried, etc.
  • Bottom painted
  • Replaced shaft mechanical seal
  • Cutlass bearing replaced
  • Exhaust elbow made and replaced- We couldn't find the part we needed so Mark and his friend Christian built one out of stainless
  • Transmission removed, disassembled, cleaned reinstalled
  • Key way in transmission repaired
  • Engine realigned
  • Motor mounts repaired
  • Engine cooling sysytem refurbished
  • Fuel lift pump replaced
  • Galley sea and fresh water pumps refurbished
  • Sea cocks removed, grease nipples replaced, refurbished, inspected reinstalled
  • Small surface cracks in deck fiberglass groud down, epoxyed, repainted
  • Traveler blocks replaced and upgraded
  • Fuel tank flushed
  • Fore and aft heads comissioned- these will eventually be replumbed but we are good for now
  • Bulkheads repaired- rot removed, new ply scarphed in, epoxyed, reglassed and repainted
  • Chainplate deck insertion points raised via epoxy islands, painted
  • Chainplates inspected, polished rebedded
  • Port lights removed- rot removed, scarphed in new ply, epoxyed, reglassed, repainted
  • Cracked glass in 2 port lights replaced
  • Head liner removed
  • Recored decks at deck hardware insertion points- still on going but on the downhill side.
  • Rebdding deck hardware- see above for progress report
  • Main sail repaired
  • 150 Genoa repaired
  • Rigging tensioned
  • Bilge pump upgraded- not 100% happy with this and more work is coming
  • Interior cushions recovered- just waiting for the upholsterer to finish them up and send them out
  • Berth enclosure sewn
I am so very happy that we did not purchase a project boat. I am not so much a fan of surprises any more. The good news is we really, really know the systems on our boat and by know I do mean in the Biblical sense.

The girls are becoming accustomed to playing nicely while power tools are buzzing around them. Mark is getting better at taking a break from time to time for important things, like ice cream breaks and learning that sometimes you just have to embrace Murphy. I'm getting better at learning patience. We are all growing...


  1. Nice hat Mark, do those high-modulus low-stretch Dyneema® fibers improve your performance while keeping you cool and stylish? I especially like the full fit while sailing, which I'm sure I'll get to do again someday soon :)

  2. MY but that child is gorgeous! Have I said that already?!?! And also your photos are SO pretty! I don't think I've mentioned that either. :-) I'm glad you're getting a lot done, but that ice cream cones are claiming their rightful stake in the order of things. And very funny on the biblical knowing of the boat!

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