Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Girl Returns

Maura returned from Indiana after having a marvelous time with her grandparents. She hung out with family, sang in church with her grandfather accompaning her on piano, went to summer camp for horseback riding, swimming and fun, attended the County fair, cooked, ran through cornfields, read books, daydreamed, saw yet more family and had just an idyllic summer vacation. We missed her terribly, but are so happy she had such an amazing time.

Maura arrived back in town just in time for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. We are huge Harry fans but not so fond of theaters. The last time we were in a movie theater was for the last installment of HP.  Since the series is now finished, I think we are safe from seeing anything in the theaters until the Hobbit comes out.

Kitty was delighted to have Maura back at home. When Maura goes into her room and closes the door, Kitty stands at the door pounding on it shouting "MA!", her way of saying Maura. She does not want to let Maura out of her sight. Its fairly adorable to see what a fan Maura has in Kitty.

The progress on the boat has stepped up thanks to Maura being home. Kitty is such a Maura fan and Maura is such a fan of  earning money that we have a perfect recipe for getting tasks completed. We can pay Maura to play with Kitty while we work near by. Our output has increased significantly. Maura is just happy because she can play Just Dance on the Wii, her little sister can dance along and Maura earns some cash. Or she can color with the wee one and get paid. Its a pretty sweet deal, wonder if I could find a gig like that?


  1. I want to get paid to play with Kitty too! Come on, I know a little about babies, you can trust me ;)
    Welcome home Maura, so glad you enjoyed your time in the heartland!

  2. Oh yeah, me too! Me too! Oh wait...I already get paid to play with little ones. :-) :-) :-)