Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tired of Refit Photos?

Yeah. Me too. If you would prefer to have beautiful photos of an exotic location as well as photos of a boat doing a bit more than sitting at the dock having her guts ripped out, you can make that happen. While we still haven't gotten our Dyneema rigging yet ( I suspect is being woven from the tail hairs of a unicorn by magical elves in an enchanted forest which has lousy postal service) we are still in it to win it. You can make photos of Spain magically appear on this blog by following this link Yes, I am bored of refit photos too!. Click on the Follow Me tab and fill er out (No spam, honest!). Our content is counting on you.
An oldie, but at least its not another refit pic!


  1. My favorite bird photo! And by the way my weak mommy bladder thanks you for that unicorn line.

  2. That photo is soooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And very funny on the unicorn thing! :-)