Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saying Good Bye to the 80s!

Yesterday Christmas came early. Waiting for me on the doorstep was a box filled with the new interior cushion covers. The dark and depressing 1980's hunter green interior upholstery will soon be nothing but a memory as it is replaced by lovely cream colored, sueded microfiber. This should not only brighten up the interior but it should be able to take all the abuse the kids can throw at it.

Even Mark was made a bit sad by the dark interior'
 I opted for a light, neutral color as I get bored easily and this will coordinate with whatever crazy accent fabric I want to use for portlight curtains and throw cushions. I'm making the curtains and pillows myself as it shouldn't be THAT had even for a Non-Stewartite as myself. The pillows will actually be used for storing extra sweaters, etc so they are not merely decorative but useful too.

Thanks to Spence Upholstery for doing such a great job and beating all the other quotes by at least half! It was easy - just mail in the old covers to serve as a pattern, Joe made fabric recs based on usage, pick a fabric and go. They have done exterior cushions as well so if you aren't pressed for time and prefer quality workmanship at an affordable price talk to them. I have a theory that the closer to the water you get the more the costs increase. They are in Indiana. Lots of corn. Lots of Pigs. Water? Not so much.

Kitty approves of the softness of the fabric as she took great delight in rolling around in the covers. She gave it its first test as she smeared her crumb stained face all over it. Everything just wiped off of it, even the butter on her fingers I missed before unleashing her on the covers.

 I can't wait to get these on the boat. I'll have to be a bit patient as Mark still has the salon ripped apart to do the wiring but this is one big item off of my list. I can not begin to tell you how much I hated the green interior. All that was missing was my mom in big hair sitting on the settee with ceramic geese scattered about and I would have instantly been transported to my childhood. So long 1980's! Can't say we'll miss you around here..


  1. Butter repellent AND soft! That's some good fabric!

  2. mmm, we love our sueded microfiber. two years and two small kids later, they still rock, good choice!

  3. Butter repellent is one thing - but diesel fuel and engine oil, not so much. I'd say ask me how I know, but you've seen the blue microfiber on my boat.