Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We headed into Aberdeen for a day. We had a really full schedule for the day but managed to get through it all with only a few bumps along the way.
Not in Aberdeen but in Leven which is too small to get its own post. I <3 bees.
We headed into the city early to let me get a feel for the area. Aberdeen is the most likely candidate for our next home port and Mark wanted me to get an over view of the city. I was uncertain as to how it would all pan out as I've heard from friends who lived in the city all sorts of dire warnings about Aberdeen. For me, I found Aberdeen to be a place I could live quite happily. Its small in size but the city center area feels like a very cosmopolitan city. The locals seem to really be kid friendly and you can feel that you are in the country after just a 10 minute drive. If only the house prices will come back to reality...

The highlight of the day for Kitty was attending a Singing Kettle performance. She was excited by all the kids in their costumes in the foyer of the music hall, the lights and stage set but when the Kettle crew came on stage, her jaw dropped and then she began squealing with glee. She was absolutely entranced and it was so much fun to see her singing along and clapping. She made it through all but the last 15 minutes of the performance when fatigue over took her and we decided to scoot out early but not before procuring a Singing Kettle t-shirt which she LOVES wearing. Baby's first concert tee.

After a bit of a foot tour of the city area we are considering living in, we drove out to a nearby rural property we've been looking at with some seriousness near by. Its a building plot with an old derelict mill ready to be converted to a home. We had gotten plans and plots for the property around 8 months ago and were looking forward to viewing it. It offered the option of buying the plot and doing nothing for a few years while we cruise, then building a home.We loved it. 15 minutes from the city, on a rural road surrounded by farms and forests, sheep, ponies and a creek. We had a lot to think about.

We talked back and forth about this property for 2 days, mulling over logistics, finances and possibilities. There were negatives to consider- getting  good contractors in Aberdeen is nothing short of a miracle, the project would likely take a few years to really finish it, etc but this is really a perfect place for our forever home. Then Mark said something that changed everything "a project this big means we would have to give up sailing after our cruise and sell the boat". That did it. A home, no matter how beautiful can not take you anywhere and at this point the call of the ocean is louder than the desire for home. This might change after a few years cruising but I am sure we will be able to find something when the time comes. It probably won't be as perfect and idyllic as this property but hopefully I will have lots of wonderful memories of sailing and cruising to fill up the less than ideal house we end up in. I did feel a bit of wistfulness but cruising means making different choices and sacrifices and this is just one of the many things we will have to give up to make it happen.
Pittenweem harbor, Fife. On the way to Aberdeen....


  1. Anxiously awaiting your fine blog to turn to getting on the boat and going sailing. Great writing otherwise.

  2. Me too but man oh man am I glad we got to - you know, go LIVE a little in the meantime. All refit and no adventure makes me schmoopy.

  3. I for one am loving this trip and could care less what you write about as long as you're here. Thank you for letting us travel vicariously and virtually through your fabulous words and photos.