Sunday, March 11, 2012

One last look at Scotland

One of the items on our to-do list while in Scotland was to check out marinas. On the west coast, there are lots of options and Mark is familiar with some of them but our schedule didn't allow time to check them out. On the East Coast, your options for dockage that doesn't dry out with the tides is limited- I think there are just 2.

We stopped by Port Edgar in South Queensferry near Edinburgh. South Queensferry was one of the locales in which I felt comfortable. Mark was surprised "There's nothing here! Its just a tiny, ancient seafront village." Sometimes, the heart has its own reasons.

Port Edgar is where Mark learned to sail as a youngster. He commented that it was smaller and tattier than he recalled. I think that's true of any place of your youth to which you return as an adult. While the facilities are decidedly simplistic- especially when compared to US marinas where a pool and hot tub are required amenities, the staff was the exceedingly helpful, polite and full of good humor. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that MONKEYS ARE VERBOTEN! No fear of marauding gangs of monkey's climbing your rigging here.

 Mark thought it would be nice to book a last night in a "swanky" hotel. Carnoustie is a famous golf course. The hotel is on the golf course. I suppose this is more impressive if you actually give a fig about golf. Neither Jess, nor Kitty nor I care but we did enjoy a few bitterly cold and windy moments on the beach. Mark thought we should walk along the paths but I was worried about errant golf balls. Mark said that the people who played this course were all outstanding players who knew what they were doing. I said if that was the case why is the guy we passed 25 minutes ago trying to get out of a sand trap still trying to get out of that exact same sand trap. Since our other option was to walk towards the firing range from which we could hear gun fire or dodge golf balls, we played on the beach for a bit before heading to St. Andrew's.

St. Andrew's was lovely. A bit touristy and pricey now because of Will and Kate fever but a great place to potter around the shops and ruins of the cathedral and castle. And that's the last of our UK trip and now it is on to my next post which is all about wiring and bilges, sanding and painting. Did I mention I was really glad to have a break from the refitting?


  1. Fantastic photos, thank you. I have been enjoying every post of your blog!


  2. Pretty!!!!! And THANK GOODNESS on the lack of monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice to see the scenery of Scotland! Thanks for sharing. I feel you on the getting back to refitting...Have to take the bad to get to the good.

  4. Dreamy photos my dear. That first pic of Kitty she looks like she is 5 years old!

  5. Oh and I must know where you got her boots!?

    1. Baby boots and other fabulous kids shoes:

  6. Lovely photos, as usual. Apparently Scotland looks a lot like Washington state when it comes to weather.