Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let There Be Light

There are times when my desire to just get going conflicts with Mark's desire to get going when the boat is just as he would like it.  Some times he comes up with improvements he would like to do that I argue are just a time sink. Then there are times when he finishes these project and I have to admit that the functionality we gain was well worth the extra time he spent. Never the less, there is a self imposed time limit so we have to pick and choose which projects will give the most functionality knowing we can not do all of them.

Wiring in engine compartment lights might seem like not a big deal unless you are having to sort out Old Perky in a space that previously would have made an excellent mushroom farm. Now instead of fumbling around with a flashlight or trying to find an out of the way area to hang a utility lamp we can  flip a switch and VOILA! Let there be light! This will make a huge difference in making engine trouble shooting and maintenance a bit less of a pain in the rump. Well it will still be a pain but it will be a well illuminated pain.

In other news, Salty Gene came aboard to inspect Mark's wiring. A former marine electrician, he has specific ideas of what constitutes proper wiring. He declared the new wiring on Ceol Mor as "first class". Mark was absolutely chuffed with this pronouncement. Its nice every once in a while to get a little validation.

So work continues. The autopilot computer is being relocated so that all the electrical components are in one area. We are finishing up the new plumbing plan and I'm coming up with my galley wish list. Best of all, we are just days away from taking the boat out to check all of our work thus far and to actually shake out the sails I am so excited to leave the dock, if even for a few hours. That means we are back to an unfinished item on the list- learn how to sail the boat.


  1. Its all looking so much better. That panel is beautiful.

  2. I completely admire your dedication to this boat and all the details. But I understand impatience to a tee! Thanks for sharing your scotland adventures. Especially the travel tips. Makes me miss "the old country."

  3. If you need any crew for your shake down, you know where to find us! Kim and I always bring beverages with us!

  4. You sound like us...We are preparing the boat..but one day we have to prepare ourselves!!

    So... what kind of salad is best with those engine mushrooms?

  5. We have only a couple months left before we have to leave our marina, and we just don't know how it's going to all get done. Someone once said the biggest obstacle to going cruising is not going cruising. Having said that, sometimes those quality of life improvements really does wonders! See you out on the water.