Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Day Sail

We didn't do any heavy lifting on the refit. Instead, we opted to head out for a day sail to A:continue to get Kitty used to the boat and B:see if the new blocks did anything to help with our main sail issues. It couldn't be helped, this slacking. We had 18 knots of wind, sunny skies and warm temperatures. What would you do in our situation? You'd stop working and start sailing, which is exactly what we did.

Maura has been good on the boat for a while now but Kitty is just starting to come into her own. She's happy as can be just watching the other boats, the birds and playing with her toys. There were a couple of instances where I thought we were going to get to do a dolly over board drill but she managed to keep all of her little friends in the cockpit.

In answer to the question 'did the new blocks help?', I can say unequivocally 'not a damn bit'. Back to the proverbial drawing board. C'est la vie. That is the goal of these little short sails, to figure out what works and what doesn't so a failure is just as useful as a success. Somehow I think we are going to have a lot more useful failures in our future.

Our new lights arrived. Well, some of them at least. The majority of them are on back order but we hope to start getting them installed this week. That will be my next refit related post- the huge ordeal that was deciding on lights. Yes, something so small and insignificant was something we agonized over for 2 weeks. Sometimes we like to run in circles for no apparent reason, just because we can.


  1. Your girls are too beautiful for words. Kitty looks like a little French photograph. I am jealous of your year round nice weather and ready to go boat. :)

  2. Cidnie you've got to get technical with the blocks - what did and didn't work, how were they arranged etc. Photo's to AS would help.

  3. Chuckles is right--we've posted pics of a few of our technical puzzles and gottend great suggestions from folks--might be worth giving it a whirl.

  4. lol, dolly overboard.

    The weather has been great lately. Have to enjoy while you still can!!

    I hope you are as excited about your new lights as we were. We went from no light, to light in .07 amps flat.

    Sorry to hear about your rigging situation. "Shakedowns at home port" continue.