Thursday, October 11, 2012


This year, Kitty has been obsessed with Halloween for about 2 months. I blame the Halloween episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. I can't get too upset because Halloween is just about my most favorite holiday of all. It serves no purpose here in the States other than for kids to have fun and I am 100% in favor of fun.

Kitty began going crazy as soon as she saw the first pumpkin decoration a month ago and has been yammering about her costume nonstop. She has been steadfast in her desire to be a pirate "A pirate say ARGH!" I the captain!!!". Since I lack the crafty gene and am on round number 2 of my attempts to make skirts for some wee girlies, I just bought the darned costume already. Actually, my first cheap skate thought was to just dress her in her old t-shirt and flip flops and make her a little cardboard AK-47 and cardboard bag of ghat but even I have a hard time being THAT politically incorrect. So Disney captain Hook pirate it is.

Kitty loves her pirate dress. She loves it so much she has insisted on wearing it every single day since we got it. Its not the most well made costume so its already starting to fray at the edges, the elastic is pulling, its dotted with various stains and we've already had an emergency repair on her eye patch. It matters not. Kitty loves it and insists on wearing it anywhere and everywhere she goes. I can not wait for Halloween. Once she figures out that by knocking on a door and saying 'Trick or Treat' you get chocolate, her tiny mind will be absolutely blown.

Even dressed as a pirate, Kitty is still the duck whisperer. She called the ducks over, showed them how to dance, fed them and calmly told them they couldn't come home with us but she would see them later.


  1. Mom, we have the cutest 2 year old- EVER. When do I get my costume???
    Love, your Hacker,
    -Maura <3

  2. That's it ladies and gentlemen, we have found the world's most adorable child! She has so much personality and spunk I want to eat her up. These photos are fantastic and YES ~ Halloween is the best holiday of the year hands down! Kiss that wee girlie for us!

    1. Kitty is doing her part to promote and support National Free Chocolate Day. And we are on day number 6 of wearing her 'pirate'.We might have to get another just so we can wash the sticky bits off of her other one!

  3. That is freakin' awesome. Yup I love her! How do you not smoosh her in cuddles when she looks that cute?

  4. She is so adorable! I second the love for Halloween. The air is usually cooler, scary movies start playing on TV, and there are tons of reasons and opportunities to eat candy.

  5. Freaking adorable. My youngest (9), wears her Halloween costume occasionally. And she is have a Halloween/Birthday party this year. She was a November 1st baby.

  6. I am speechless with delight! She is the very most attractive pirate I have ever seen. My daughter always had elaborate costumes along the lines of princesses complete with crinolines and tall hats. We planned well in advance for Halloween, made decorated bags, all the good stuff. My son wore the exact same thing ever year and never planned in advance. Halloween always crept up on him and took him by surprise, even thought I would do the mom thing of reminding him about it and he would see Claire planning her costume. Tonight is Halloween? OK. Into the closet, out with the cape, sword, tall boots, perhaps a hat. Off we go. When he was two and I was still in charge, I made him a bumblebee costume. Those were the days!