Monday, April 21, 2014

A Force of Nature

We took a break from rebuilding the boat and getting a house ready to sell to celebrate Kitty's birthday. She is now 4. 4 years old and a whirlwind of energy, confidence, determination and fearlessness. Our own little Hurricane Kitty. I am not sure how we, who tend to be more laid back- ended up with the most driven little person ever but I have to say, I am pretty happy that we did. It's tough to keep up with this one but she never fails to amuse us and she brings so much laughter and happiness to all of us.

 Her birthday was a decidedly by-the-seat-of-our-pants affair. She and Maura made her birthday shortcake. She had 2 little friends over to play trains and dress up and then an ambling walk to the boardwalk for a ride on the carousel. Lunch at T-Bone Toms with a big stage to dance and sing on. It might have been cobbled together but as I was putting Kitty to bed for the night, she told me" I have to tell you a secret.". She pulled me close and whispered in my ear "This is the best birthday I have ever seen."

Happy birthday Rat Bag.

And since we are celebrating Kitty, let's take a peek at her last week as a 3 year old.

Of course Super Girl needs a crown of flowers. And a cape. Do not forget the cape.
 Kitty definitely has her own fashion sense. This girl has definite ideas about what she wears. Sometimes you need to wear a Batman rash guard with a neon tutu because going to the grocery store is too mundane without a little color. Bonus if you have learned to cross your eyes and do so every time your mom tries to take a picture. Because its funny and makes mom and dad laugh. That's why.

Oh my little wild thing. You do indeed make my heart sing. Happy birthday.


  1. I like that you call such a cute kid "Rat Bag". It beats "Princess" or "Cupcake" by a long shot. Happy birthday, wee 21st century girl.

  2. Kitty's the cutest...a living doll, and Happy Birthday to her.

  3. Happy birthday Kitty!!!!!!!!! Four is a WONDERFUL age - enjoy!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Kitty!!! (and yippee on sneaking the Bums in there)

  5. Happiest of birthdays, wee Kitty! Have a magical year and never stop wearing your cape. I LOVE 4.

  6. I love what a power punch of personality Kitty is (alliteration unintended). What a gift! And "This is the best birthday I have ever seen."? Geez Cid. That got me!

  7. Power Punch. THAT is an apt description!