Sunday, May 25, 2014

Are You Going to Strawberry Fair?

Mark has an uncanny ability to completely botch song lyrics. It doesn't matter how well he knows a song, his brain will take a song he has known since early childhood, rearrange things and put it back together into something that somewhat resembles the original composition but veers far away into something completely new. Last week as he and Kitty were playing he began to sing "Are you going to strawberry fair"? Kitty thought he was singing a question and answered "Yes! I am going to the strawberry fair. Can we go now?". She became fixated on this wonderful "strawberry fair" her daddy was going to take her to visit. Huh.

Fast forward through a week of dealing with a major fish die off and the accompanying stench in the marina, a week of fiberglass work and a week of slow progress on the deck hardware installation prep and Mark was ready for an escape to Strawberry Fair himself. Kitty continued all week long with her insistence that she was going to Strawberry Fair because her daddy said so. Fortunately, I found that there is a pick your own farm near by. I made arrangements and we headed out on a bright, hot morning. (Mark you may thank me later for saving your street cred with the little one later)

We picked a bunch of strawberries. Or more accurately since this was a hydroponic farm- we carefully clipped berries with scissors. Kitty was delighted mostly because she has low expectations about what constitutes a fun filled outing. Being outdoors, doing what ever with us and she is happy as can be.

Once we had the berries home, Mark and Kitty got busy baking a strawberry tart. As Kitty was happily digging into the finished product, she piped up "Thank you for taking me to Strawberry Fair. Next time we will pick blueberries!" Easy enough little one. Glad you had a good time and even happier that for you, this was as good as a trip to Disney World.


  1. "mostly because she has low expectations about what constitutes a fun filled outing." Oh so THAT'S what it is! I always thought they had fun because I told them they were having fun, whether they liked it or not! :-) It does look like fun though. :-)

  2. Sounds like appropriate expectations to me. But I may be old-fashioned in this respect.

  3. Oh my, you and Cindy both have strawberry pictures! How can it be that we have none in the cold north?! That's it, I'm on a mission to find my own strawberry fair! We can make a conglomerate album. Our strawberries right now are as green as they can be. *jealous. so jealous. dripping jealousy!*