Sunday, May 11, 2014

Deck Deck WINCH!

Everyone should have a teen on board who is an ace boat washer

We have begun the final big project in earnest. The former layout of the deck hardware was...well, it was crap. Our lines running into the deck organizers and clutches were just off a straight line just the perfect amount to ensure unnecessary friction. Friction is bad. Not just because it tears up your running rigging but also because it makes me have to work just a bit harder to sail the boat. And then there were the winches. Someone has decided that the original plan Bob Perry came up with was not good and they undersized the genoa winches. This once again means I am having to work harder than I actually have to. Again with the sailing being physical enough as it is, Project Rig It For Slackers is now in full force.

We got new Lewmar Evo 55 winches to handle the genoa sheets. This should make things much easier for me. We aren't so soft as to install electric winches but I am seriously excited about the extra oomph the new winches should provide.

We removed the ridiculously tiny main winches and moved the 44s that were previously handling the genoa sheets into their place. Before we reinstalled them, we sent them out for a bit of cosmetic surgery. They were functioning just fine, but time and the elements were beating them up more than we would like. When you start pricing winches, you understand why its in your best interest to protect what you have against corrosion to extend their life expectancy. We had our old winches rechromed by Speed and Sport Chrome and so far, we are very pleased. $270 for 2 winches and the chrome is thick, even and SHINY! Hopefully this will help keep corrosion at bay.
Now that's a shiny winch!

We are carefully checking our layout before installing and so far, it looks like this project is going to be a HUGE improvement in the functionality of the boat. We've got some cute almost miniature Antal deck organizers to route the lines into our new Lewmar clutches. We went with  Selden deck organizers to handle the lines off the mast. We still need to figure out what we are going to do to make the traveler more functional and we've got to get the rigid boom vang installed but I am getting excited. Once the deck is reorganized, we can put the cabin back together and then it's time to GO SAILING.

Yes, I am more than ready to try out the new deck layout.

So thankful Maura is handy with a boat brush and hose


  1. What's the traveler like now and what do you want it to do better?

  2. Currently we have an obsolete Nicro-Fico X track. Not only has the world of traveler construction come a long way since the 1980s, but the traveler is severely undersized. 1/4 line for a 42 foot boat? WAY undersized. The end blocks are in the wrong location, one block is fouled by a teak panel and the piece de resistance- no cleat. The traveler redesign is proving to be a big enough project that it will get its own post.

  3. Oh man, That is EXCITING! I love the little mockup on plywood. We are also replacing our Jib winches with Lewmar 43's (used but in GREAT shape) from 20's...Should be an improvement.

  4. Re: the Traveler. Except for grip that 1/4 inch line is probably fine given the forces used; and assuming a 4:1. I like a continuous line with enough slack to reach from the wheel. That way you always have both sides ready to trim with.
    I didn't see a preventer rig discussed?