Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cha Cha Changes....

We have managed to move house. Somehow, despite our best attempts to have Mark avoid the flu Kitty and I had Mark succumbed and was down for 4 days. He was able to help direct the movers but as far as unpacking, arranging, purging etc it was pretty much Maura and I. You think you have gotten rid of enough stuff until you move into a much smaller house and then you realize you have yet more purging to do. We will get there. The good news is that by downsizing now, we have a head start as we will be downsizing even more when we move on the boat this fall.

We've been a bit distracted from the boat as we try to rearrange everything into some semblance of order at The Chandlery. Mark and I have spent the last two days (very very hot days) putting together a storage shed for those items that we just don't have room for and are not quite ready to get rid of just yet as we know we will have to return to land life in a few short years. Boat work is hot, but not half as hot as putting together a metal shed in late July in the subtropics. Once the sun heats the metal sheets up so much that they are to hot to hold, we knock off work until late afternoon when things start to become bearable again.

We have managed a bit of work on the deck hardware mounts. Its still a work in progress but Mark has allowed me to use the power tools. YIPPEE!! These suckers take far, far too much work but I know we will appreciate them later. Fiberglass and epoxy work for days and days. Ugh. For an item so mall in size they sure do eat up a lot of hours, but being able to have the organizers, sheaves and lines all in position with NO FOULING will be a beautiful thing. Minimizing water intrusion by avoiding just popping teak mounts on the deck will also be a beautiful thing. Now if we can just get our fiberglass painting skills up to par we will be able to just appreciate how clean it all looks and how smoothly all the running rigging um...runs.

So we are moving forward. Slowly but surely. If we can just get to a good resting point by late August, when it is just too unbearably hot to do anything we might actually make my goal which is Christmas in NOLA.

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