Saturday, October 9, 2010

Highlights of the Blog Roll

So what do I do while taking care of the muchkins while Mark completes the non-couple friendly aspects of the refit? I read blogs. I read them a LOT. Mostly because I'm not one to watch television and that's about the only other thing you can do when you have a baby who insists on nursing all the time yet eschews Mama doing any other activities while she eats. So here are a few of my favorites.

Eric and Charlotte and their little baby girl Cora are liveaboards who are preparing themselves and their boat for some cruising. Sound familiar? Yeah. Eric's blog is full of handy refit and maintenance tips, while Charlotte's blog focuses more on living aboard with a baby. Charlotte has the crafty gene and I enjoy seeing her handy work, mostly because I lack the crafty gene. Also, their baby is really cute so you get lots of cute baby photos. I like cute baby photos in the morning with my coffee.

Amanda is a new liveaboard with her husband Marc. Its enjoyable to follow along as they figure out the whole living aboard thing. Boats are sort of like houses, but not really. They are expecting their first baby very, very soon. Amanda has a bit of hippy, free spiritedness within her which I can both relate to and which I love. She is also a bee keeper. Those of you who know about my bee fetish will understand why she is at the top o' my list of blogs to check.

I found this blog a long time ago due to some scuttlebutt on a sailing forum. Apparently, even though they've sailed around the world (literally) there are some in the sailing community who frown upon them. For what reason I've yet to discover. Maybe they didn't grow up racing Lasers and maybe they don't know every knot in the Annapolis Book of Seamanship. Who the heck cares? They are obviously very capable and more importantly to me-they are so NORMAL. These are people you could share a basket of tortilla chips, some salsa and a few beers with and not feel as if you were speaking a different language. They are also refitting their new to them boat while living life with their super adorable baby girl Ouest. Notice a theme here? Babies + Boat= something I can relate to.

                                                                           Zach Aboard
Another live aboard family who I can relate to. I found Cindy's blog a year or so ago. The adventures of Zach, his mom and dad and his soon to arrive baby sister make a compelling argument for living aboard. This is the blog I send the naysayers to when they voice concerns about us taking the girls out to live on a boat. I figure if those who worry overly much can see that  yes, kids can thrive without the latest and greatest video game, cable tv and all the other "stuff" that so many people put a value on they will be less likely to freak when we are posting photos of us with our kids out in the middle of the sea. Bonus is the beautiful photography on this blog. Even if you aren't interested in a cruiser/liveaboard lifestyle if you like pretty photos, this blog has plenty.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so honored I made the blog roll! Thanks for the recommendation to the Bumfuzzles. Never heard of them but checking them out now.

  2. Well thanks for Blogging! If you want to see the grumpy old salt equivalent of "Get out of my yard, ye miserable kids!" go to a "serious sailor" forum and mention the Bums. Some people get their knickers in a knot at the very mention of their name, which is funny as all get out. They've sailed around the world at a young age which is apparently unforgivable.
    Their's was the first "sailing" blog I found that I could relate to. Probably because they don't consider themselves real sailors. ;)

  3. Yay! Thanks for the mention on the blog roll. Definitely kindred when it comes to the bees.

    Love your other additions. I started reading Bumfuzzle last year, pre their baby, and loved it!

    Can't wait to tune into all your refittings! xx