Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday- not so much a day of rest

I think that all of our refitting photos should be in black and white or sepia. This way, once we are actually sailing again we can post photos in COLOR. It will be just like Dorothy leaving Kansas and arriving in Oz in technicolor. Just like the Wizard of Oz except we have fewer Munchkins and ours don't tend to wear flower pots on their heads.

Mark and I spent the afternoon glassing in the deck core repair above the bulkhead. This would not have been possible without the assistance of Maura as babyminder. I have become a pro at mixing epoxy, hardner and collodial silica and many variations there of.
This is what one side of my garage has become, a supply store.

Mark and his mad professor hair. With precious little time to do any work, haircuts are low on the priority list.

We have far more intimate knowledge of our chain plates than is decent.

Mixing, mixing, hurry up and mix again.

Mix some more...

My Sunday afternoon vista. For a very large portion of Sunday.

Bonus baby shot- Kitty with her beloved Manky Bunny.

We are finished with recoring the small part of the deck that was soft. Now we are ready to move down to the chain plates. Mark shall be going solo for a bit until he is ready for my mad mixology skills.


  1. You are so cute! Love the bonus baby shot AND the idea of black & white to color when it's all done.

  2. I hear you. On Sunday (Thanksgiving Sunday here) we replaced our head. Not exactly a day of rest.

    - Livia