Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has Sprung

and its time for walks in the woods. Time to notice the arrival of ladybugs, to drink in the beauty of the world in bloom and to enjoy breakfast with bunnies, but only for a few moments. Around here, Spring means its time to get cracking on yet more boat projects.

Yes, this is the deck handrail being stripped and revarnished. In my kitchen. That's right, there is absolutely no area in our house where there is not a boat project underway. As if having the boat torn apart wasn't enough disruption now we've got projects all over the house.

Maura and I chose the fabric for the girl's room. It has Maura's signature color of teal worked in as well as purple, which Kitty happens to look great in so we'll call it her color.

The pattern is busy enough to hide the fact that there is not one single straight seam anywhere on this berth enclosure. Straight seams are for Marth Stewartites and I think we have previously established that I am not one of her minions. It seems to be sturdy enough and that's what really matters. I should have the entire enclosure done by next month...I'm pacing myself.

Mark continues to work on the final 2 chainplates. I continue to work on the girl's room. Maura lends a hand tidying up the garden because a house requires upkeep as well. Kitty helps by not complaining once that she has to dodge various projects while scooting around on her pony.


  1. omg Kitty is adorable isn't she? I'm so proud of you guys for being so motivated. When do you hope to move onto the boat? We are loving the change in seasons as well. But still trying to get things done on the Inside of the boat, and have not imagined tackling the Outside!

  2. We will move board just as we get ready toleave. We are shooting for November, but its very possible it won't happen until next spring. I'm trying to remember that it will happen when it happens so no sense getting hung up on schedules when there are things outwith our control.

  3. That last picture is SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! And straight...seams...? Seams? Seams are supposed to be straight?

  4. I'd call them Martha Stewartesses...

    Love that little Kitty!