Friday, April 1, 2011

A Change in Plans (if we actually had made plans)

* Not my photo but it is a Nordic 42
Mark continues to work 5 days a week on Ceol Mor. It seems everytime we think we've gotten the list a bit shorter, some new item requiring attention pops up. We've cleaned and put back together the transmission- 3 times. Recored deck in more spots than anyone should have. Remounted the engine, and replaced the exhaust pipe (which Mark made as you can't buy the part!) Had a complete blister repair and bottom job done. Rebuilt and reglassed the chain plate bulkheads. Removed portlights, had yet more recoring fun and the list goes on and on. We've not even gotten to redoing the deck layout and rebedding the deck hardware yet!

In light of the amount of work left to do and our ever shrinking window of opportunity to cruise, we decided to look at other options. We've gone to the Dark Side- power boats. We've put in an offer which was accepted on a Nordic Tug. There won't be any ocean crossings in our future, but she can definitely handle the US/Caribbean/S. America circuit. The amount of fuel she burns is the issue with range. Fortunately, we like to support the Oil and Gas Industry as much as possible so we can see the huge increase in the amount of fossil fuels we consume as a good thing.

We have no idea what to name the new boat. Anyone want to buy an almost ready sailboat?


  1. how about naming it the April Fool?
    but if this WAS for real... the party will be on YOUR boat!

  2. This announcement is approx. 30 years early. I'd buy a cat before I bought a tug, but will probably get a tug when I am too old to hoist a sail. Its funny, on Anything Sailing they still haven't cottoned on to the date. :) Yeah, like now that the really big expensive stuff is done we'd switch horses just before the finish line. ;)

  3. Didn't fool me... check my post on A-S... man, they're slow.. ;-)

  4. Oh I was SO confused there for a moment! :-)