Friday, August 26, 2011

Dyneema Experience- GOBSMACKED!

The title of this image should be "Things I never in a million years ever expected to see". The standings after Challenge 4 of the Dyneema Experience were released on Wednesday. I am in first poition just now. Its taken me a few days to absorb this fact because I am absolutely, utterly shocked. I never thought it would be possible to even be in the hunt for the Grand Prize a trip to Spain.

I have had so many things working against me- I didn't receive my rigging until a few days ago after sailing season had ended, the other top teams  are racers who have competed with their new rigging. They are TEAMS with many contributors- I am just one person juggling Mom duties with boat refit duties and trying to participate in the Dyneema Experience in a meaningful way.  I've got no media group to do my videos. The other teams do beautifully edited, slickly programmed videos while I'm still learning the basics of the most simple editing. The other teams are incredible sailors, I'm still a baby sailor and the book I'd write with all I know about sailing would be a short one, while the book I'd write about all the things I'm trying to learn would rival War and Peace for length. To say I've felt a bit like David versus Goliath would be a huge understatement. So you see, I'm still a bit dazed.

Challenge 5 has been given. We are to talk about our experiences with the Dyneema Experience 2011. How can I write one blog post about something that has been a major focus of my life for 5 months? I can't, there are too many aspects of the whole experience to neatly package it in one post. Ups, downs, discoveries, surprises but mostly- really really good things. Things for which I am grateful and its more than just being grateful for the amazing rigging we have received. I'm opting instead to do a few posts to answer Challenge 5. I hope I can convey what a wild, strange and exhilirating ride it has been so far.

In the mean time, I thought it might be fun to turn the focus on YOUR Dyneema Experience. All of you who have been along with me for the ride, comment please! If you knew about Dyneema previously, tell me what you like about Dyneema. If you had never heard about Dyneema before I entered this, let me know (I am shocked by the number of sailors who never thought about what was inside their rigging). If you've just had fun watching the competition unfold, tell me. I look forward to reading about your Dyneema Experience and I hope you enjoy reading about ours. 

We will be writing a bit next year, long after the 2011 Dyneema Experience is over as to how our rigging is holding up and performing. Until then, I'm signing it over to you while I try to catch my breath...


  1. So glad you finally got your rigging!

  2. Cid, you have been an inspiration. You are so engaged with this, despite it being an uphill gig. Thanks for keeping *me* moving forward, if only in your wake. =)

  3. So how long 'til you know about winning the trip? I'm one who had never heard of Dyneema before (I don't sail) but you better believe it's the only sailboat rigging I will ever mention to anyone after seeing your experience!

  4. Have you seen my glasses? I can't find them anywhere.

  5. So impressed with what you're planning to do!

  6. Cidnie, Go for it and win.

  7. Your blog has taught me so much about rigging and Dyneema that as a cruiser I didn't know. I thought this was all hot shot racer stuff, but now I see that for our family's long term cruising plans choosing the right running rigging is critical. Thank you for that! And congratulations!

  8. !!..YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT!! Everyone here is behind you..we will get more REAL RACERS, not amateurs behind you..forge them... we are 100% dyneema equipped and it is by far the best invention after the wheel! The good thing is Dyneema is as good for us, real racers as it is for you real cruisers...the sea doesn't see racers or cruisers..just sees people in frail boats..the stronger our systems are, the longer we last, the faster we go and the farther we get...GO CIDNIE!! All of us here in Portugal are behind you!! I am going to get all my buddies in the Audi Med Cup TP52 to support you as well.

  9. Cid,
    One thing you have going for you that is discounted by the racers you are competing against - but Dyneema knows it (you can tell by the 40 they picked)..
    Most of the buyers of Dyneema are cruisers just like you doing what you are doing. USE that and you will be a winner either way. It is YOUR experiences that will count more and help them sell more. Racers are a minority on the bleeding edge of technology; fine for their time and place (bleeding for cruisers) but Dyneema needs to move mainstream.

  10. Giulietta Sailing TeamSeptember 12, 2011 at 6:18 PM

    I fully agree with ChuckR...absolutely right...indeed!!

    GO CIDNIE!! when's the next video??

  11. Classy,
    You have made it fun while and interesting to the cruisers, and there are a lot more of us.

  12. Cid,
    Frankly I am thrilled that Coel Mor landed some spiffy free rigging of the top shelf kind... And winning a trip to Spain would be the cat's meow.

    I wouldn't lose too much sleep at this point about the challenge. What you have over all the others (edemacated guess) is:

    An unbelievably great Captain in Mark who can fix anything

    An unbelievable crew in Maura and Little Kitty

    A soon to be drop dead gorgeous world class well found fast cruising yacht

    Your heath and vigor

    a gift for photography (and apparently music)

    incredible sense of humor (world class there too)

    and write as well as any published author...

    YOU WON... you have what anyone in their right mind would die for...

    Declare victory and let's celebrate!