Monday, August 15, 2011

Electrical work continues...

It is hot. Stupid hot. Working on the boat just now is something a bit less than fun. I think our failure to move the boat to Maine during the summer months was a big mistake on our part. We are in the midst of a drought and with daily temperatures hitting 100+ Farenheit regularly, we are definitely earning our DIY in adverse conditions merit badge.

Mark continues to work on his electrical lay out. He's  moved some things around in order to prevent voltage loss- namely the charging inverter. He's moved it to the end of our quarter berth. We lose about 5-6 inches of foot space but since it will now be able to actually do its job since it no longer has 20 feet of cable running to and fro for no good reason when 3 feet would work nicely and since we aren't a tall family, it works.

During the hottest part of the day, Mark retired to the ac in the house to work on his control panel. Ceol Mor had no handly control panel with which to monitor various systems. This short coming is being recitified. The panel will be installed just behind the companionway steps and will have an engine and bettery selection switch, running hours meter, generator control, alarms for low battery alternator and bilge water level as well as indicators for the navlights, bilge pumps, generator control and charger monitoring. He's done an absolutely brilliant job on the rather time consuming task of ensuring everything fits and is easy to read. As soon as we get the panel ordered and installed, I'll post photos of it. From the diagram Mark created, its looks like it will be the business.

Meanwhile I try to keep up with the girls, manage our Dyneema Experience campaign (who knew that would turn into an almost full time job?), order parts, etc, etc. Maura is keen to master as many knots as possible. She some how managed to escape my all thumbs gene and is not only working on the basics, like bowlines and half hitches and reefing knots but is challenging herself to master trickier knots like the butterfly and the highwayman's. Kitty is busy doing baby stuff- climbing everything, putting on everyone's shoes and waving and saying "HI!" to people on the street below, or squirrels passing by or dogs...whatever/whomever happens to be handy.

I added a shot of me because a reader commented that photos of me are few and far between. That is because I am usually behind the lens. This is a late addition because I had to edit out the heat induced oil slick on my face. Before anyone gets all "oh, you retouched the photo of you because you are vain" I would like to point out that Heidi Klum gets retouched. Heidi Freaking Super Model Klum. If SHE has to be retouched what chance do we mere mortals have? And yeah, I own my vanity. Anyway, here is proof that I do in fact exist.


  1. That picture of Kitty is precious. Hang in there.

  2. When I was Maura's age, I had curtains with ships on them in my room. They showed a bunch of the knots in between the ships & I would sit there on my bed trying to figure out how to tie them. I was even dorkier back then than I am now...

    The waving picture is sooooooooooooo adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The others are too, but I could just eat that one up.

    (and plus, I'd get nutrition, because that looks like cereal she's holding)

  3. Cid,

    You have a beautiful family... and photogenic to boot.