Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let there be light

Old Perky, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

So you are wondering why I have a shot of the upper part of Old Perky? Its not Perky you should be looking at, its the overall brightness of the engine compartment.

Since we had to start the rewiring from the engine and work outwards, it meant we could wire in anything we would like. What we would like is light in those dark nooks and crannies of the boat. So the engine compartment now has fluorescent lights wired in and mounted up out of the way. We plan on wiring in additional lights into all of the storage compartments that have enough space to tuck a light up out of the way. This might seem like a silly thing but being able to actually see into the dark crevices of the boat without a head lamp is a pretty sweet deal.

We aren't sure how robust the fixtures will prove to be but since they aren't expensive at all, we can afford to experiment. I am so excited to never have to try to figure out what is in my hand by feel alone. Terribly exciting stuff...

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