Sunday, November 27, 2011


We gathered at my cousins home in Seabrook for Thanksgiving. If any place  feels like my home town, its Seabrook. My mom grew up there. My grandparents lived there and I spent summers, weekends etc in Seabrook. I was born here. Now uncles, cousins and friends are all in the area. My grandparents are buried here. As a kid we moved around to follow my dad's career and Seabrook was always there, waiting for us to come home. It was so nice to spend the holiday surrounded by family and friends in the closest thing to a home town I've ever had.

Our Thanksgiving was filled with turkey and tractor rides. A tribe of cousins playing  touch football and seeing how high you could swing on the tree swing. Loud, raucous kids running along the bay at low tide with Luke the dog trying to herd them all. It was baby wrangling and the big girls first ride on a Harley. Poking jelly fish with sticks and climbing trees. Aside from my brothers not being able to attend, it was perfect.