Friday, December 30, 2011

We are getting somewhere....

Mark estimates that the wiring is now 85% complete. I am thinking it is more likely that we are somewhere around 70% done but only because we seem to be receiving a new control panel every 2 weeks or so. Control panels that are allowing us to put useful functionality into Ceol Mor but that require components to be ordered, schematics to be redrawn and of course all those shiny bits to be wired in. Mark is a man obsessed with beautiful, functional control panels. Our new panel installation number is now at 3- 2 auxilliary panels and the main panel. No more panels please Mark, we are running out of exposed teak.

Some folks say that you need to solder all your connections, while others say crimping is the way to go. Mark is doing both soldering and crimping as its the "proper way to do it". We will never ever purport to have expert opinion on sail trim. Lord knows we won't point to Ceol Mor as an example of the right way to anchor. Electrical stuff though IS Mark's forte, speciality and area of expertise. Seriously. Trust me on this one. To my friend who said that soldering was a bad idea because wiring moves, well if your wiring is moving "you are doing it wrong". ;) So go ahead and look at the beautifully soldered, crimped wiring with every circuit labeled and the tidy installation of it all. Now you understand why it is taking forever...

Mark made a wiring loom to keep everything neat and tidy. You can't see the carefully drawn wiring map leading to nails which allow us to work in a tidy manner without tangles. I'll try to get a detailed  photo up of the loom because it has made the wiring of the control panels so much easier, I don't know how people work without them.

Mark had an idea for a feature on the blog. He wants me to share his "tool of the month. I said so along as this wasn't a ploy to add the latest and greatest shiny gadget to his arsenal that we could do that. So here is 'Captain Perfecto's Tool of the Month'. A 12 ton manual hydraulic crimper. In Capt. Perfecto's estimation, this is the bees knees. You got ours on Ebay. You can too: 12 Ton Manual Hydraulic Cable Crimper

While we- and by we I mean Mark works on wiring the components in indoors while the temperatures are so cold, the girls busy themselves near by. Maura is keeping busy by beading on her bead loom or by trying her hand at string art. As Maura worked to hammer in nails to create her design, Kitty has to get in on the action because tools are involved and Kitty loves tools. She loves tools almost as much as she loves helping Mark go over wiring schematics.

Meanwhile, I'm working on a few beautification projects for Ceol Mor that will hopefully be installed in the next 2 months at which point we should be sailing again. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to getting this boat away from the dock, if even for only a few hours.


  1. I love the idea of tool-o-the-month. Then I will have ideas of what to buy Doug for special occasion gifts :) Go Captain Perfecto!

  2. Mark, everyone you meet is going to hate you for making them look bad or hire you to fix their messes. This is absolutely gorgeous, I wish I had the patience to do it this right :)

  3. Nice work on the wiring! What beautification projects are you working on?

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  5. @Chris- Portlight curtains, getting the buttons on the cushions(trickier than you might think) and redoing the head, mostly getting rid of the ugly marble sink tops and injecting some personality.

    @Tucker- no one would pay him to do it because it takes so darned long and even at $2 anhour they'd quickly go broke!

    @Cindy- Mark will happily give you tool shopping ideas. ;)

  6. Drat! My comment got eaten because I accidentally signed out. :-( Anyway, I complimented both the sweet pictures of the girls AND Mark's tool of the month idea. I think we won't really have those kinds of tools in our garage...

  7. Wow! I wish our electric looked that nice! You might not even need to pull floorboards on passage in order to rewire the batteries. We definitely don't have a captain perfecto here- but at least We have a captain-let's-go-sailing-somewhere-awesome that brings the tools and all the spares for the job.

  8. Vic, trying to get a boat rady to go with a perfectionist can be an excercise in patience. I'm off the grab the tools and go school but a perfect boat makes Mark really happy so as long as we are off the dock by next fall we can let it go....for now.