Wednesday, January 25, 2012

12 !

The big girl turned 12 and I think she finally understands that what we remember and treasure are not things, but experiences and people we love.

I managed to keep Maura's birthday surprise a secret. She had a choir solo and ensemble competition n her big day. I dropped her off at the competition and told her I would pick her up afterwards. Unbeknownst to her, her grandparents drove down from Indiana, picked up one of her favorite cousins whom she doesn't get to see nearly as much as she would like and surprised her in the cafeteria of the school as she waited to compete. She was overjoyed.

After she did an outstanding job in her solo (she got a II rating, need to teach her my trick of saying "watermelon" anytime you forget a lyric) and her 6 voice ensemble was the only ensemble from the 6th grade to get a I rating. Her grandparents and cousin then took her out to dinner to celebrate and they all had a marvelous time.

Maura's grandmother made her a beautiful quilt that is so perfectly Maura. It has boats and ships wheels,flowers, a sparkly pink heart and Tinkerbell. This quilt so perfectly matches  Maura's personality- girly and sporty, sweet and tough. I know she will treasure this forever because it was made with such love by a grandmother who loves her so very much.

We continued to celebrate the next day with cupcakes. Maura let Kitty sample her ginormous chocolate iced confection, then helped Kitty with her Kitty sized cupcake. No big parties, noX-box consoles or iPhones but Maura is adamant this was her best birthday ever and all because she got to spend some time with people she loves. I think she is finally getting it. Happy birthday Maura!


  1. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl!

  2. Of course she gets it! She is a smart cookie with smart loving parents all around her. And oy vay is she such a beauty. Look out mama! And happy birthday!

  3. Happy birthday to her!!!! Glad she had a great one! The cupcake looks so yummy too - Kitty looks set to enjoy!

    I was wondering who the cutie girl with her was when you posted it...somewhere...facebook? I remember you mentioning the similarity in the eyes and wondering how they were related.

    What IS the trick of saying watermelon? Just to yourself? Does it help you remember, or just cover up the fact that you didn't know?

  4. If you forget a lyric, just say watermelon, softly. Works every time!

  5. I'm reading the entirety of your great blog since I've been collecting the info for a cruise with the family at some point. I like the electric panels, but the picture of your darling daughter stirred a memory and a thought. You need a skipper! I went on one of these about 25 years ago. I still remember all the splices and can still trim sails better than most "salty dogs."

  6. Thanks Matt! We were going to send her to sailing camp this summer but she wanted to do 4-H camp. Will definitely check it out for next summer which will be just a few months before we leave.