Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dog days of Summer indeed

Ok, while it might technically NOT be Summer just yet we've been enduring precocious weather around here. Temperatures have regularly been hitting just shy of 100 farenheit and we've only been teased by rain. This has slowed down to the progress quite a bit. Despite having lived in Texas for more than a few years, Mark still does better in condtions similar to home. When its bitter cold, blustery and raining, Mark accomplishes tons of work. When its hotter than a $2 dollar pistol, his output diminishes.

He is managing to move onward with the portlights and we've now gotten the 150 genoa off to the loft for repairs and recutting. We took the genny off with only a little bit of excitement. I had the clew in hand, struggling against the breeze a bit when a little micro burst started approaching from behind. I was afraid for a moment that I would be doing a bit of unintended dockside parasailing but Mark managed to get it furled in enough to prevent me from flying away. As we wheeled the genny up the dock in a cart, one of the local professional captains commentedthat he thought for sure I'd be going up, up and away. I told him people paid a lot of money in the carribbean for such excitement and here I was getting it for free.

We got the genny laid out, Mark made some careful notes for the Quantum loft and off she went for repairs. I'm hoping to receive our new Dyneema rigging we won from the 2011 Dyneema experience before the repairs are done. It'll be a good thing to get all the running rigging and sails up on the same day.

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  1. "When its bitter cold, blustery and raining, Mark accomplishes tons of work."

    Well he should get a lot done in Houston on those two and half days in January then!!!!!!!

    Very, very pretty pictures, as always!