Friday, June 17, 2011

Off to the wilds of Indiana

It has become a regular Summer Rite. It being Maura's yearly journey to the wilds of rural Indiana for time with her grandparents. Time to run through cornfields, bake cookies, catch fireflies, eat sweets and oogle the livestock at the county fair. A chance to see how others live by playing with the children of the local Church of the Brethern members (think Amish but with trucks). Time to enjoy a cooler climate, a slower way of life and two grandparents who think our Maura hung the moon.

And so it was that we found ourselves at the airport at a time which was far too early to be decent. It would have been fine had it not been for the morning commuters snarling up the freeways. We got through check in fairly quickly as I suppose the extra funds you pay for an unaccompanied minor ticket allows access to your very own special check in desk. I can't see that there is much more added service than that and that they seat your kid near the attendants. Anyway, we made it through security without being x-rayed or strip searched- so far so good.

There was a Starbuck's which to my mind is a sign of civility. I had to leave so early to fight traffic, check in and security I had not properly caffeinated myself before departure. Hello friendly Barista. Double tall, extra dry cappuccino please. Bless your hands. You are doing God's work.

Inexplicably, there was also a large self serve vending machine for ProActiv facial stuff. Who tries to get to their boarding gate and stops and thinks" My face is a huge zit factory. I need something to fix it NOW! Oh look, an acne "system" handily available here in the boarding area"?!?! Maura and I both thought it was really, really weird.

And then, she was gone down the ramp with a quick hug and a wave over her shoulder. Not the least bit nervous about being away from home or traveling alone or, well anything. She told me once that she never gets nervous flying or sailing or on any other mode of transportation because she lovesto  travel. Loves it. It doesn't make a whit of difference to her whether she is going to some glamorous Caribbean or European destination or to the down home simpleness of Lake Wobegon, Indiana. She wants to travel and she loves it all- the kooky stuff you see at the airport, the adventure of finding an ever changing departure gate or even getting a boat ready to sail.

For Maura, it is about the journey much more so than the destination. I'm making a promise to myself to be a bit more like her. The refit takes as long as it takes. There will be set backs and frustration and kooky stuff along the way and it is all part of the journey. Thanks for reminding me of that Maura. I owe you one.


  1. This was so heartwarming to read. My kids are still a little too young to express their love of travel, but I can see it blossoming in them. Lucky for all of our kids they have parents who love the journey too :)

  2. Oh I just did the very same thing yesterday! I wish my sweet pea had traveled alone more than she has. And she LOVES to travel, but HATES the traveling. I think it started when she was a preschooler & would fly with a bunch of fluid in her ears. I didn't really know why she hated the airplane so much, but ever last person on the airplane was aware that she hated it. Isn't that hung the moon thing with grandparents the BEST?!?!?!? It's so nice for them to have someone like that.