Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Chandlery

The plan all along was to keep a small house in the US. Something close to the water, that was easy to maintain and that would allow us to have a place to stay when we come back to the US to visit family and friends. We found a small house and it had the added benefit of being close to the marina as well as having a garage for a workshop.

An internet sailing friend came up with the perfect name for the house when he came to visit. Not something snazzy and high falutin' like "Sea Breezes" or "Palm Cottage" but a name that accurately represents the house- "The Chandlery". No tv, no internet, furnished with only a couple of Ikea beds and sofas and a collection of odd chairs around a table fashioned out of a door upon which I got to practice my varnishing skills. It does have beautifully organized shelves stocked with varnish and epoxy and various odds and ends with which to complete the refit. Its something akin to campingin a chandlery but with running water.

So what do we do when the work day is done?  Sword fighting with dowels is pretty popular around here. With no furnishings to get in the way or art to be damaged its the perfect place for a battle. Even Kitty gets in on the act all though you have to watch that one. She'll attack from behind when you aren't looking. So far, no one has put an eye out. Fingers crossed!


  1. How fun - both the house and the "sword" fighting! Nice to take a break from all your hard work!

  2. Oh I'm always in favor of not putting out an eye! But at least with the dowels no one's waving around a red hot poker like the kids always are when they're making s'mores.

    The house looks really pretty!!!

  3. Arrrrrgh! Go Kitty! That's an awesome photo!

  4. For one thing the work is never done... the boat always needs to be maintained and so it goes on and on and on... but it's fun.

    But when most of it's done... you get to cruise and do it while you cruise...

    That's coming soon... You're almost there.