Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On a September Hiatus

Kitty's favorite closet treasure hunt score- Dad's shoe bag. She likes to wear it as a hat. Constantly.

I have made an executive decision to not feel forced to post anything for the month of September. September is turning out to be absolutely nuts with a whole lot of NOTHING happening on the boat but lots of other mundane stuff that isn't worthy of a blog post. And yet...here is a blog post about all the mundane stuff that is keeping me from thrilling you with tales of our replumbing the boat. I know some of you want to keep up with the refit and preparations for our cruise and could give a rat's patootie about the other aspects of our life. For you folks, stop reading here. Come back in October. For the other readers who are just looking for a way to waste time at work, feel free to read on.

September means we are getting back into the swing of school. Maura is acutely aware that this is her last year in a US public school for quite some time and so she is throwing herself wholeheartedly into any and all activities as well as scheduling time with her best friends because "I am going awaaaay on a boat forevvver". Preteens love hyperbole You'll notice there aren't any photos of her on this post. Testament to the fact that girlfriend has been super busy with whatever time wasting activities junior high US girls get up to. This also means I have lost my trusty toddler tender so I've not had an extra set of hands to wrangle Kitty while I shoot photos or repair sails or mangle boat sewing projects. If you are going to have a toddler, I highly recommend having an adolescent who is always looking for babysitting money before you have that toddler.

Mark is not getting bubkis done on the boat because he is jet setting around the globe for work. This is boat related because they actually pay him for that work which means he has pennies to throw into the cruising kitty and refit fund. Yay for work. His latest trip has him in Singapore. It only took him 3 days to get on a flight but he made it and now between meetings he is sipping Singapore Slings in the Raffles hotel bar and enjoying fish pedicures. Rough gig he has there.

Meanwhile, its just Kitty and I hanging during the day. This month has been crap for me. I never get sick. When everyone else comes down with a cold, I'm the one who stays healthy and takes care of everyone. Only 11 days into September and I have been healthy a total of 3 days. First it was some horrible dysentery like vomit fest. I was laid out on the couch for 3 days. Kitty learned to open the closet doors at this time. I gave up caring what she was dragging out and destroying about the third time I tried to chase her down and had to stop to puke. I look at it as her opportunity to learn a bit about self direction. Now while Mark is off in Malaysia and Maura is off at school, I am a flu ridden slug trying to keep Kitty entertained without my usual tricks of hanging outside in the garden or doing art or cooking projects together. She is happy enough to have tea parties and play dress up inside while I count down the minutes until nap time when I can finally close my Nyquil heavy eyes.

So there ya have it. Good solid reasons why I am taking a short hiatus until October. In the mean time, I leave you with Pomplamoose. Firstly, I love Pomplamoose and you should too. Secondly, singing this song to myself is what is getting me through this month. Now you will be able to sing along until we are back on the boat in October. See you soon.