Saturday, November 27, 2010

Father Christmas in Kemah

Father Christmas in Kemah, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

As Kitty and I were walking to the boat with tools in hand, who should we come across but Father Christmas himself. This was no faux Santa, this was the real deal. I could tell it was really and truly Kris Kringle by certain give away clues.

First of all, no fake beard here. Fake beards are a dead giveaway. Also, he had the requisite "crazy" eyebrows. Everyone knows Santa has crazy eyebrows. He had a gentle smile and a warm chuckle. Those fake Santas who emit "HO HO HO!" are a Christmas Fail. We are on to you! Futher proof of his authenticity were his sea blue eyes which did, in fact twinkle. What sealed the deal though was that he brought some of his reindeer. You ever see a reindeer with a fake beard Santa? I think not.

We did not stop to have Kitty's photo taken as we were dressed in our best boat refurbishing attire- disheveled, covered in dust and epoxy. I do plan on taking Kitty and Maura by beofre Father Christmas heads back to the North Pole. I also plan on letting Santa know that I have been very good this year so please move me from the naughty list and this year I would like a new main sail.


  1. Wow that really is St. Nick! Great picture. If Santa is taking requests, you may pass on that I'd like to have the baby Before Christmas!

  2. Baby Bee is coming Dec.6. You are going to name the baby Beatrice if its a girl aren't you? Or Melissa...