Friday, November 19, 2010

Update coming soon...

I know I have not entered a new post but I have a very good excuse. Mark has been offshore for work for the vast majority of October. He is home now and we have some catching up to do. Please forgive me for not posting for the next few days. I am just so happy to have my best friend back. We will enjoyy each others company for a bit, then I will crack the whip and send him back into the belly of the boat to continue the refit.

Photos of an epoxy, fiberglass coated Scot to follow.

*edited to add- He was gone for a good portion of November as well. Lookslike he will be home for quite some time now. Hooray!


  1. Indeed yay! You are a valiant woman to have your man gone for so long. Enjoy the sweet rendeavouz