Monday, November 1, 2010

What is this Halloween thing and why am I dressed as a monkey?

Kitty's first Halloween, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

We celebrated Halloween in typical American fashion. I love Halloween because it really serves no other purpose than to be fun.

Kitty was less than enthusiastic about the whole thing but she did enjoy seeing her sister transformed. Kitty was a monkey. We added a little bow to her ensemble because everyone refers to her as a little guy. I don't mind and neither does Kitty but Maura takes offense.

We traipsed about door to door and Kitty managed to stay awake for the first 30 minutes. Maura got an impressive haul of goodies which she is usually forbidden so she is happy enough.

I'm looking forward to Halloween next year on the boat. It will be different for certain but I plan on making it special all the same. Maybe we won't go door to door but we will definitely have costumes and cake and merriment. That's all you really need anyway.

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