Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alligators and snakes and birds oh my!

I like going into areas where certain death awaits.
Not really, I'm more than a bit of a chicken at heart. Having grown up around the Gulf Coast, alligators and snakes seem par for the course for me. I used to go canoeing with a girlfirend of mine regularly on a nearby creek and we would hear the alligators when we got too close to their nests. We didnt panic, we just got out of the area quickly.

I try to keep in mind that you get used to what's around you and learn to adapt to your neighbor, even if your neighbors have sharp and pointy teeth. That doesn't help much when I consider Mark's desire to go to Australia some day. I am convinced that the entire continent of Australia is looking for a way to kill you.

I suppose if I can become mindful but not freaked out about gators and snakes (which terrify our friends from middle America) I can become comfortable with the idea of sharks, deadly bugs and tiny jellyfish that can cook your goose before you know what hit you.

Ok, I'm still working on that.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that about Australia! Killer bugs?!?!?!? You know, if he really does want to go, I read two blogs from Australia (Where Did I Put That Flaming Sword? and A Free Man). Maybe if you read them too, Australia would feel more natural and friendly? At least, I never seem to see them suffering from deadly bugs or sharks. Most of their calamity seems to stem from the mundane, sort of like our own lives in the United States. :-)

  2. I think that's why I like Alaska (among other things, of course). No snakes. Not much in the creepy crawly department -- well, maybe giant slugs.

    I do want to go to Australia, though. And New Zealand.

  3. Sue Ellen- in Alaska you have bears that can eat your face off. Plenty of certain death there. I hAVE to go to Alaska at some point. :)

  4. A follow up for Jill, who will appreciate this fun filled game all about the myriad ways Australia is trying to kill you. Have a nice vacation!

  5. Alligators and snakes? All I got are grizzlies... Oh and those darn jelly fish!