Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Maura and Kitty Christmas 2010

Maura and Kitty Christmas 2010, originally uploaded by CidnieC.

Maura woke everyone up at 5:30 am. I had to tell her that there was no Christmas before 7 am. And certainly not before coffee!

We were very aware that we did not want to accumulate a bunch of stuff that we would have to get rid of once we move on the boat. There might not have been a lot of gifts, but the kids were thrilled all the same.

Kitty received a lavender stuffed Ginger cat ( to help her sleep!), a carton of plastic eggs with little chicks inside, a baby tool bench and a chatter phone. Yep, the same chatter phone you had as a kid. She loves the phone, though I did realize that she has no reference for it. The only phone she has ever seen is a cell phone.

Maura received an art kit, 2 games for the Wii and the Mother of All Christmas Gifts- Rebecca Rubin from American Girls. If you do not have a daughter in the 5-13 year old range, you do not understand how coveted these things are. Maura has desperately wanted one for several years and Santa finally came through for her.

We had a great, if quiet Christmas. Kitty was more entranced by the paper and ornaments hanging just out of reach than anything and Maura's dreams of Rebecca came true so everything else sort of pales in comparasion. I'm pretty happy that the kids have learned that more is not necessarily better and one really wished for toy can absolutely make your Christmas thrilling.

Merry Christmas one and all!


  1. My god your girls are so stunning!

    Nice work on the American Girl doll. I bet she is thrilled.

  2. Very pretty picture! And I guess that's the advantage to Chanukah coming and night - no one's waking anyone up at 5:00 am!

    How funny on the lack of phone reference - we have a toy phone in our classroom and the kids seem to instinctively know what it is, even though many of them may never have encountered anything other than a cell phone either.

  3. Goodness - I don't know what happened to my comment! It got eaten I guess. Let's see, I complemented the picture being so beautiful. And then I talked about the phone thing & how I have one in my classroom that rarely needs explanation even though plenty of my class probably haven't seen anything but a cell phone either.

  4. Maura thinks the Jews have it right- 8 days of celebration + latkes. I pointed out that we get 12 days of Christmas and sugar plums. Maura said it doesn't count because nobody celebrates more than a day of Christmas and what the heck are sugar plums anyway?

    By the way- I might have to see if I can loan Maura out to you. She is desperate to attend services in a synagogue. She suggested she go with Bernard. Insert your own joke here...