Saturday, January 22, 2011

A wee bit of a ramble

I admit, this post is a bit of a ramble. This is due to the fact that while we are making progress (and by we, I mean Mark) on the chainplates the fact of the matter is that the 3rd chainplate repair is accomplished in exactly the same manner as the first chainplate. Also, the finished product of the third chainplate looks precisely like the first one so rather than posting yet more photos of chainplates and recounting in scintillating detail the process of rebuilding and reglassing bulkheads I've made the executive decision to bore you with other topics.

One of the coolest things about having a blog is getting to see the reader statistics. The world has in fact gotten smaller thanks to the internet. Maura loves seeing where our readers reside. We've gotten a strong contigency of readers from Greece which thrills Maura as she is currently obsessed with Greek history and mythology and is trying to teach herself to read Greek. She is also pretty excited about our many readers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. My mother is Norwegian so Maura is very interested in learning about the culture, history and customs of that region of the world. Its exciting for her to see the map lit up when a reader from a new country reads our little blog.

We are also able to see what search words were used to find us. We've gotten more than a few hits from the search "sexy sailing photos". How disappointed those people must have been upon stumbling on our blog to see bulkheads, babies and bilges. In order to appease those whom I have so thoroughly disappointed, here's a 'sexy sailor' for you. This photo has nothing what so ever to do with cruising, refitting or sailing but somehow I don't think that will matter to those who've found us through that particular search. Someday, I just might post some actual sexy sailing photos from our boat. Of course, my definition of sexy sailing is all about working toilets, strong chainplates, hot water and not running aground. Your mileage will probably vary.


  1. you are cracking me up!
    i have seen visitors from Siberia... always makes me wonder...

  2. Hawt!!! Wait, isn't Maura thrilled about your readers in San Diego? Geez? She has no idea how cool this city is!

  3. SAdly Charlotte, she just sees the readers as US, not individual states. Still waiting for the Nepal map to light up- now that would be super cool!

  4. If you put on sitemeter, the button is very small and she will be able to distinguish between exciting visitors from San Diego and exciting visitors from Houston! (most of the time)

    I haven't looked at the google searches in a long time but it's really funny what people are looking for, isn't it? I liked "slutty pumpkins" from mine, and there's always "toilet licking". Who looks for toilet licking?!?! I mean, I guess you'll be finding out now that I put the clever phrase into your comment section.

  5. LOL! Im a new reader...from Sacramento California. Not too exciting.