Monday, January 10, 2011

Where are the sexy sailing photos?

Handrail rebedding, originally uploaded by CidnieC.
And you thought getting ready to cruise on a boat meant buying bikinis and looking pretty in the cockpit with the wind gently blowing your hair...

Its more like crawling around a boat in jeans that could really use a wash and some patching, with fiberglass and sawdust in your hair. I suppose that's a good thing for us because we like to have something to do.

Mark and I once took a little 5 day cruise to Mexico on a huge cruise ship. Our sea days were well, boring. We aren't into karaoke or bingo, our fellow passengers weren't the most interesting of individuals and by day 2 we were so itching for something to do, we ended up befriending the workers and hanging out with them more than the passengers. I actually ended up helping the early morning crew clean the pool area. Yeah. Work for us is a good thing...

Anyway, we are working our way from the bow of the boat to the back. We've removed the teak handrail along the cabin top for refinishing. We are also checking for any rot or moisture and rebedding the hardware properly.

I use that word a lot. Properly. Actually, MARK uses it a lot and I just learned years ago that doing things properly is Mark's personal Nirvana.

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