Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Only you can prevent...

left brain engineers from hand plaiting their own running rigging from Alpacas they have hand raised themselves in order to acheive 'superior strength' in a 'cost effective manner'.

We are entered in the 2011 Dyneema Experience and could really, really use your help. Up for grabs is to have Dyneema rerig the winning boats for FREE and for the team members to write about their experiences. Now I'm not one to ask for much, but I would really appreiciate you helping us out for a few reasons.

First of all, we absolutely have to have the boat rerigged and soon. This is a huge safety issue and until the boat is rerigged we can not safely leave. If Dyneema rigs the boat for us, that's one less task that Mark will do over and over until he is satisfied and we will be able to head out much sooner- probably 3 months sooner. This means better content on this blog, I assure you!

Secondly and most importantly, this is a chance for me to be able to say to Mark that my Blogging isn't a pointless hobby, it is actively contributing to our journey. This means he will have to happily ensure we have internet/sat phone access at all times, but that's beside the point. Nothing would make me happier than have an active hand in getting us out on the ocean sooner rather than later.

So here is my plea. Please follow the link below and sign up to be a crew member. You will have to click on a acceptance link in a confirmation email. Share the link with your friends, post it on Facebook, etc. If I've ever made you laugh, or done something nice for you here is your chance to say "Thanks"! On the other hand, if I've annoyed you this is a handy way to get me out of the States sooner. Either way, your assistance is appreciated.

And now, your moment of Zen. Foggy morning on Galveston Bay.

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