Monday, December 5, 2011

Do you like apples? Well how about them apples...

This might be the girls favorite cold weather treat of all.
It is December, 2011. A cold front has swept in and brought with it somber grey skies and flitting rain showers. I am not supposed to be here in the cold. Mark is not supposed to be off in the seriously freaking cold UK for work. We are supposed to be in the Bahamas, on our boat watching the kids play on a sunny beach. Supposed to be.

That's the thing about getting a boat ready to cruise. They don't tell you that you are supposed to be delayed by a year or two. It happens to a large percentage of folks getting ready to cruise, delays due to unforseen boat repairs or cruising kitties needing to be topped off. With very few exceptions, all of the cruising peeps I know have had delays. We are no exception so I suppose that we are actually where we are supposed to be.

It can be tough to watch your friends leave the docks and to feel a bit left behind. Sure, you are excited and happy for them beyond all measure but getting ready to leave can feel like a slog at times. A slow, never ending slog which can leave you feeling a bit schmoopy.. Well cheer up little would be cruiser. I'm going to give you a very fine reason to be happy to be stuck in the cold. Sure, your friends might be enjoying pristine waters watching dolphins frolic and sipping rum but you my friend have access to fully stocked grocers with all the ingredients you need to make my kick ass brie and apple sandwich. You are in the cold. You have apples. Apples in the Carribean? Not so much. Get ready to gloat.

Since my most used kitchen equipment is burn gel and a fire extinguisher this is a truly special and unique blog post. This will be one of about 3 recipes you will ever find on our blog so tag this post as 'rare and unique'.

 Here's what you need: 2 apples, a big hunk of good brie, fresh baguette, fresh pressed apple cider, nutmeg, allspice and butter. Margarine is an abomination, use the good stuff.

Peel and core the apples, then slice into rings. Put apples in a pan and cover with cider(about a cup or so) add 1/2 tablespoon each of nutmeg and allspice and simmer until the apples are soft. Drain the apples. Save the liquid to make some wonderful cider and whisky cocktail to you know, take off the chill) Slice the baguette, slap the apples and a big hunk of brie on it. Butter that puppy up and toast them in a hot pan until the bread is golden brown and the brie is a warm, gooey mass of unavailable in Mexico loveliness. This sandwich goes better with cold weather.

NOW you can look at your friends photos of their boat anchored in a gorgeously warm location and not feel quite so schmoopy. And yes, I just acted as if I was telling you some marvelously complex epicurean secret and not just how we make grilled cheese sandwiches in cold weather. Enjoy.


  1. I love you so much, I so needed this right about now. And your tag/ label is the funniest thing ever. Mine would be "it ain't a meal until the smoke alarm goes off". Apples and maple syrup. Yeah baby!

  2. I'm so going to make those. And I no longer feel schmoopy!

  3. I kinda love feeling schmoopy. And I loved this post! Apples and Brie, could it get any better? so trying this!

  4. I'm thinking about feeling schmoopy just so I have an excuse to try this recipe. With your permission, I am going to add this to the Two-burner page on the chronicles.

  5. Of course Jonesy! its the best grilled cheese sammy ever and my only contribution to the culinary arts- spread the word. :)

  6. Oh YUM! That sounds delish!!!!! But what's that about "cruising kitties needing to be topped off"?!? Other boats have thirsty toddlers named Kitty?!?! :-)

  7. Ah, that Mexico. We have found apples and sunshine. So there! But seriously what the heck do they do to make their butter and bread taste so absolutely terrible? So while we have sunshine and apples (imported from CA) we cannot make a grilled cheese sandwich.

  8. Yes Vic, but your boat is not currently tied to the dock which trumps grilled cheese any day!